In this world of infinite beings and things, I only have time to re-order, re-colour and give back to the world in a new harmony a minisicule few. My artwork is a window into my world, what I see and the emotion it inspires within.

We have an abundance of beauty around us in our natural world and through my art I hope to inspire others to experience the beauty I see in the everyday ordinary, nevertheless extraordinary, world we inhabit.



The following images provide a brief synopsis of completed commissions and sold works. To view further work click the "learn more" button below and browse at your leisure through my online gallery.

Endangered series

This series is currently in process in the studio. The works are aimed at raising awareness of endangered species and climate change. Some of our natural worlds most beautiful assets are disappearing. This piece features the endangered red-tailed black cockatoo. A percentage of all proceeds raised from sales of these works is donated to Ocean Conservancy.


rodeo series

This small series of works was inspired by images gathered from attending NZ rodeo's. The series was titled "Life is a Rodeo" with the works being titled as metaphors for life, such as "catch or get caught" and "get free".





I have completed a diverse range of artwork on commission. I love to work on producing images with special meaning to those who request them. It gives me great satisfaction to produce a work for someone and see them delighted with a finished product, a piece of art that can become a family keepsake. 


Online Mentoring

I am available for online art mentoring on an as you can afford basis. If you are an aspiring artist and would like some tuition and support to nurture your creative ability message me for a free one-off initial consultation.